Maharashtra State Centre
15, Haji Ali Park, K.Khadye Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai - 400 034. Tel. no : (022) 2354 3650 / 2354 2943. Website:
The Institution of Engineers India is the largest Professional Body with nearly 5,00,000 Members,
104 State and Local Centres in India and 8 Overseas Chapters.

  94 Years of Relentless Journey Towards Engineering Advancement for Nation Building.
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IEI-Maharashtra State Centre
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  19th 1-day Workshop on "Structural Audit and Jirnoddhara - Upgrading, Fixing Leakage and Waterproofing of Existing RCC Buildings, Durable Construction for Re-Development and for New Buildings with Practical of "Flexible Membrane Waterproofing System" by Shri. J.J.Shah to be held on Saturday, 04.10.2014 at Mumbai Click here for Details
  Thirtieth National Convention of Civil Engineers and National Seminar on SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT under the aeiges of Civil Engineering Division Board, IEI on October 18 - 19, 2014, at Mumbai.
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  Chairman : Shri. M.B.Dagaonkar
  Hon.Secretary : Shri. S.M.Patil
  Imm.Past.Chairman : Shri. H.O.Thakare
  Convenors       Council Member
  Aerospace : Shri. K.K.Ghosh   Mr. S.G. Bahaley
  Agricultural : Shri. B.P.Deshmukh   Outstanding Engineering
  Architectural : Shri. N.D.Patel   Shri. R.B.Bambale
  Chemical : Shri. M.G.Bhotmange   Shri. V.R.Kothari
  Civil : Dr. H.M.Raje
Shri. G.A.Palaskar
Shri. J.N.Mistry
  Chairman, Local Centres
  Computer : Shri. A.R.Patil Bhagat   Ahmednagar Shri.K.M Raje
  Electrical : Shri. A.W.Jawanjal
Shri. M.R.Kothari
  Amravati Shri.N.J.Bambal
  Electronics and
: Shri. A.S.Kimmatkar   Aurangabad Shri.E.B. Jogdand
  Environmental : Dr. V.A.Mhaisalkar   Belapur Shri.V.C.Kamble
  Marine : Cdr.B.M.Bhandarkar   Chandrapur Shri.P.R.Chauhan
  Mechanical : Shri. S.B.Zope
Dr. S.B.Thakre
Shri. R.K.Modi
  Kolhapur Shri.G.S.Kulkarni
  Metallurgical &
: Shri. A.D.Chopade   Nagpur Shri. P.K.Kulkarni
  Mining : Shri. S.V.Ali   Nashik Shri. N.K. Birar
  Production : Shri. S.V.Dahake   Pune Dr. D.J.Doke
  Textile : Shri. K.L.Vidurashwatha   Solapur Shri.G.K.Deshmukh
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